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We recommend you:
A light and comfortable garment with a warm jacket for the early times in the morning. The camouflage clothing is highly recommended.
Two sets of hunting clothing is enough, since laundry services are provided on a daily basis.
The best option would be to bring waders for duck hunting, boots for partridge or turtledove, but in case you don’t, we can provide you with them.
A raincoat, or your usual hunting jacket.
A vest with big pockets to store cartridges.
A hat or cap.
Noise protectors, like earplugs or similar.
Sunglasses and solar cream (the average of sunny days is over 300 per year).
Mosquito repellent (for certain times of the year).

Each hunter is responsible for his guns and shots, and will have to follow the local regulations currently in force. For that purpose we will thoroughly inform you about it, on arrival. There is an international hunting insurance, which is included in the total fee. It covers risks related to the sport, a civil responsibility, repatriation and annulations when being justified.
Shotguns are available for rental. These can be booked in advance.

We advice you to make the journey in good health conditions, you can also contract a complementary international insurance at your place of birth.
There is no need of vaccination, for the time being.
In case you follow a medical treatment, make sure you carry the complete medicine dose.
In the personal form you are requested to fill in, don’t forget to complete the section of
diseases if you suffer from diabetes, or you are hyper tense, etc… in order to plan a more appropriate diet

As a Reminder of the Seasons:
Autumn: from 21st of March to 21st of June, the weather is mild with temperatures hovering around 44º to 59ºF in the morning and from midday onwards, between 59º to 77ºF.
Winter: from the 21st of June to the 21st of September. It is slightly colder and humid with temperatures around 35º to 44ºF at dawn to 77ºF at midday.
Spring: from the 21st of September to the 21st of December. The weather is nice with temperatures hovering around 68º to 86ºF all along the day.
Summer: from the 21st of December to the 21st of March. The weather is hot during the day (up to 104ºF). Storms and rain can take place, but in short periods of time (temperatures indicated correspond to the average in the region)


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